Golden Krone Hotel

A vampire roguelike with a focus on dynamic lighting and stealth. Kill vampires with sunlight or become one yourself and sneak up on pesky humans.


Version History

v1.6 - 2/21/15 (download)

v1.5 - 12/7/14 (download)

v1.4 - 11/16/14 (download)

v1.3 - 11/9/14 (download)

v1.2 - 4/12/14 (download)

v1.1 - 3/18/14

v1.0 - 3/16/14 (7drl release)

Special thanks to: Charles Scheffer, Nicole Reid, Joshua Martin, Elliot Bonneville, and Z!

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Amazing Plan, Night of Chaos, Echoes of Time, Unseen Horrors, Controlled Chaos, Spider Eyes, Relent, and Final Count.