Golden Krone Hotel
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General Arobase,

Trust me when I say we have a shared interest. On the outskirts of the border town Stritiba, there lies a tower inhabited by the worst of scoundrels. Maybe you've heard of it, but few know who resides at the top: none other than Fane! I know during the war you wiped out all of Fane's lieutenants, but the vampire prince eluded you. I can offer you a bounty for taking care of Fane, but we both know the job will be reward enough.

I suggest you conceal your identity on this mission, for Fane has both vampire and human in his employ...

Light and Stealth

Manipulating light is crucial to your survival. Don't hesitate to turn on and off torches.

The question icon is displayed when an enemy can't currently see you. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Sunlight is a powerful tool and a double-edged sword. Watch the sunlight icon and time of day closely to track its direction.

More tips...

  • As a human, don't forget to rest between fights with SPACE or 5. You won't last long without resting.
  • Check the HELP for controls and information about spells and stats.
  • Click on tiles to get descriptions of monsters, items, and the tiles themselves.
  • Remember, you can usually switch between human and vampire easily. Even in the middle of battle, this could save you.
  • To reiterate, the dynamic lighting in the game isn't just window dressing. It's VERY important to gameplay.



You play as Sorina Arobase, a human general made famous for killing vampires during the Third Sangian War.



Your objective is to climb to the 10th floor, assassinate Fane, and steal the Golden Krone. The 10th floor is protected by potent magic: only one wearing 4 magical rings, scattered throughout the hotel, can enter.

Pick a Disguise

Choose which stats to increase. Very flexible, but no additional bonus.
Whenever you level up, you gain 1 Strength. You start with +2 armor.
Whenever you level up, you gain 1 Dexterity. You start with a Dexterity Boost potion.
Whenever you level up, you gain 1 Intelligence. You start with an additional spell.


Vampires have superhuman strength, speed, and vision, but low intelligence. Thus, they can't cast magic, wield weapons, or read. Vampires are extremely vulnerable to sunlight.

You start the game as a human, but over time you'll transform into a vampire. This transformation cannot be prevented, but it can be reversed with a Soul Elixir.


Humans are slow and weak, but can cast powerful magicks. Humans regenerate health, but they also require food.


Sound Effect Volume

Music Volume



Climb to the 10th floor and assassinate Fane. Before you can reach the 10th floor, you must collect 4 magical rings. Each ring is held by a legendary creature who resides in one of the four "branches" of the hotel.


Move, Attack, Aim magic WASD, arrow, or vi keys
Cast magic 1-3
Wait .
Rest SPACE or 5
Extinguish/Enkindle torches E
Read R
Take stairs T
Skip screens, close windows ESC


Pay attention to the map! It has tons of useful information including the location of items and staircases.

Staircase leading down
Staircase leading up
Staircase leading to a "branch"
Unlit torch
Enemy (only appears when using Detect)


Certain enemy attacks may cause you to become "poisoned." While poisoned, you'll be unable to restore health through mundane means including regeneration, health potions, and blood.


Cast magic by selecting a spell (1-3) and choosing a direction with arrow keys. Magic makes you hungrier, so be careful!

  • BLAST unleashes a violent wave of air that can damage or destroy inanimate materials such as glass, wood, and stone.
  • ICE creates a bolt of freezing that deals moderate damage and temporarily slows enemies hit by it.
  • SHOCK creates an arc of electricity that passes through enemies and deals moderate damage to anything in its path.
  • FIRESTORM surrounds you in flames dealing massive damage to anything adjacent to you.
  • SILVER deals massive percentage damage to creatures who are vulnerable to it, primarily vampires.
  • GLOW imbues you with a fleeting magical light. Casting it again will turn the light off.
  • DETECT temporarily lets you feel the presence of nearby creatures.
  • VITALISE temporarily boosts your strength, dexterity, and intelligence.
  • HEAL gives an instant recovery of HP.

  • Vampires and Humans

    In this game, you'll fight against and even transform into both vampires and humans. You'll automatically transform into a vampire, but you can speed the process up by drinking blood. You can reverse the transformation by drinking a Soul Elixir.


    • are fast and strong
    • can see in low light, but are extremely vulnerable to sunlight
    • require blood
    • have difficulty identifying potions
    • are completely unable to use magic or weapons

    Humans ...

    • are relatively slow and weak
    • can't see in low light
    • require food
    • regenerate health
    • can cast magic


    STR Strength. Affects your attack and defense.
    DEX Dexterity. The speed at which you can move and perform actions.
    INT Intelligence. Helps you identify potions. Also gives a bonus to spell power and reduces the hunger cost of spells.
    HP Health
    HGR Hunger (n/a for vampires)
    VMP Vampirism meter. Whether you're vampire or human and how far to each side.
    ATT Attack. Calculated from your strength and sword.
    DEF Defense. Calculated from your shield, armor, and strength.
    LVL Level. Higher levels give more HP and stat increases.
    SWD Sword (n/a for vampires)
    SHD Shield (n/a for vampires)
    ARM Armor