Golden Krone Hotel

A vampire roguelike with a focus on dynamic lighting and stealth. Kill vampires with sunlight or become one yourself and sneak up on pesky humans. Originally made for 7drl 2014, but has seen some updates (check below).

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Version History

v1.6 - 2/21/15 (download)

v1.5 - 12/7/14 (download)

v1.4 - 11/16/14 (download)

v1.3 - 11/9/14 (download)

v1.2 - 4/12/14 (download)

v1.1 - 3/18/14

v1.0 - 3/16/14 (7drl release)

Special thanks to: Charles Scheffer, Nicole Reid, Joshua Martin, Elliot Bonneville, and Z!

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Amazing Plan, Night of Chaos, Echoes of Time, Unseen Horrors, Controlled Chaos, Spider Eyes, Relent, and Final Count.