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Dumuzid let out a wail and wept. He raised his hands to heaven, to Utu: "Utu, you are my brother-in-law. I am your relation by marriage. I brought butter to your mother's house. I brought milk to Ningal's house. Turn my hands into snake's hands and turn my feet into snake's feet, so I can escape my demons, let them not keep hold of me.

Utu accepted his tears. Dumuzid's demons could not keep hold of him. Utu turned Dumuzid's hands into snake's hands. He turned his feet into snake's feet.

Dumuzid escaped his demons.

Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Use Q/E or mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

You can kill any monster by attacking its core tile. You can also absorb any monster that isn't bigger than you. These rules apply equally to the monsters and to you!

Running headlong into monsters probably won't work. Instead, plan your moves carefully. Note that monsters wait every 10 turns.

Being big has some drawbacks and you should generally try to avoid becoming enormous.

If you get stuck, you may pray to the Sun god Utu as a last resort: bash on a wall seven times. Utu will answer your prayers, but you may not like the answer. You put yourself in more danger with each prayer.

Your goal is to escape the underworld by finding an exit on the 7th level. However, if you are more ambitious, you can keep descending. Throughout the underworld, you will find score patterns. If you can contort yourself into their shape, you will increase your standing.

A game by Jeremiah Reid

Special thanks:
Pascal Hitziger
Joshua Collins
Nicole Reid
Joshua Martin